Thursday, March 1, 2012

From MUSE: Radio Lab

I love Radio Lab. I've listened to ALL of them.  I'm probably a little bit obsessed. 

Because of that love, I of course want to bring it into the classroom.  The question is, how?

Generally, I think it is good for students, EL or not, to practice aural comprehension.  Something like Radio Lab is great for that.  The hosts stand in for listeners, asking questions that listeners might ask: clarifications, mostly.  It's pre-scaffolded.

Specifically, the one I listened to this morning, Killer Empathy, I think might be good for a variety of contexts and theme explorations: the nature of violence, empathy, objectivity.  It could be used in an academic literacy class to discuss scientific disciplinary modes of thought (specifically, objectivity).

Just some ideas.  Any others?

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