Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Creativity, deconstructed

According to relevant research,
Because creativity is often hard work, it demands EFFORT.
Because creativity is purposeful, it results from PREPARATION.
Because creativity does not occur in an intellectual vacuum, it requires KNOWLEDGE.
Because creativity means difference, it requires COURAGE.

Creative people think of multiple possibilities.  Researchers have called this FLUENCY.
Creative people view problems or questions from more than one persepctive.  Researchers have called this FLEXIBILITY.
Creative people embellish on problems and questions.  Researchers have called this ELABORATION.
Creative people wonder about and ponder the world around them.  Researchers have called this CURIOSITY.
Creative people often find that they have developed something they hadn't thought of or seen before.  Researchers call this ORIGINALITY.
Three dimensions of creativity:
1. Collecting data or information (KNOWLEDGE, FLUENCY, FLEXIBILITY)
2. Managing data or information (PERSEVERENCE, ELABORATION, ORDERING CHAOS)

Fearn, Leif and Nancy Farnan. Interactions: Teaching Writing and the Language Arts. 2001, Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 29.

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