Thursday, February 23, 2012

Library Poem for Erika

Found this in that journal, too.

There once was a brother named Dewey.
Exasperated one day, he said 'Phooey!'
'It seems I cannot
'Find the book that I want.
'These librar'ans are tyin' to screw me!'

A librar'an approached Mr. Dewey
'You're not that far off,' she said to he.
'You're a handsome young lad
'And I'd rather you had
'To come up to the desk and talk to me.'

'I beg you, madame,' said the man,
'Simply tell me as quick as you can
'Where's the book that I seek!
'I'll've no more of your cheek!
'Keep your hands to yourself, I demand!'

Twas the lady's turn now to say 'Phooey!
'I'm afraid, sir, you must misconstrue me.
'You can see for yourself
'The book's there, on the shelf.
'I've another patron to see to me.'

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