Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mt. Diablo Ranch

We have chosen a venue and are in the process of booking it.  As Martha Stewart likes to remind me, we have 304 days to go.  The photo above is a view of the lawn behind the bunkhouse on which the reception will be held.  Over the back of the house is Mt. Diablo.  I have high hopes for a fabulous sunset.  The bit in the foreground is the pool, which I hope to float sh*t in.

Here is the tree.  My walnut tree, under which I hope Phil and I will be married.

A close up of the underside of the tree.  Some twig clearing may be in order.

The path to the ceremony area, just past that olive tree on the right is the entrance to the paddock.

According to random sources on the internets, which I've now lost, Walnuts are associated with fertility and smooth transitions; ancient Roman bridegrooms threw them to guests to bring good health and to indicate their passage into manhood.  It is said that the gods feasted on walnuts, while mere mortals ate acorns.

Fecundity and feasting, good health, smooth transitions.  Happy days!

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