Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm writing!

I'm writing! I'm writing!

I am ravenous! Fecund! Burgeoning!
Feed me I grow and want more!

The sounds of words are enough sometimes.
The feel on your tongue, the weight in your mouth is meaning enough.  Read a poem out loud.  Read a novel.  Let the hisses, clicks, gutteral glottal gaspings flow over you.  Pictures come sometimes.  Meaning hard to escape.  Let them flow too and dance to the noise.  The noise! and celebrate their meaninglessness and meaning.  Celebrate that you can't escape either one.  Try to sit with one in each hand.  You'll find yourself juggling, dancing to keep your balance -- moving ever to avoid falling -- onto your face, into a pit.  Lose the meaning, hold the meaning, hear the sound.  Jazzy, jazzy improvisation of words.  Hey, Aqualung!

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