Friday, March 26, 2010


Last night I dreamt of cab drivers and LA -- a dreamy, over-saturated, warm, and wonderful LA that I've never experienced -- a Hollywood-bungalow-cartwheels-on-the-beach-rollerskating-vintage-dress LA.
I dreamt of road trips and freedom.  I dreamt I was open and alive.  Creative and full of the ability to remember and capture -- full to bursting with the mountains and the desert and the road.  I dreamt of climbing on top of my car and taking photographs oozing color.  I dreamt that I could see the energy charging everything around me and that it filled me and spilled out my eyes in laser beams and all I could do -- all I needed to do -- was just to stare.  It understood.  It came to me.  Bursting!

I would kiss the cab driver if I found him and he had my phone.  In my mind I have already.  In my mind I have my phone back again.  It is a great comfort.

This summer, I will get up early and practice cartwheels on the beach until I can do them well.  Until I'm not scared to throw my arms down and my legs over.  To invert my world and tumble headlong.  I will tell myself that I'll come up okay every time.

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