Wednesday, August 1, 2012

From MUSE: Teaching Comics

I'm thinking of including a unit on graphic novels and comics in my curriculum this year, and I wanted a place to collect and think about some resources.

Seduction of the Innocent is a book from the 40's decrying comics as the end of civilization (essentially). explores some of the comics cited in that work.

"Exploring Literary Devices in Graphic Novels," Language Arts, Volume 89 Number 6, July 2012.  This article talks about using graphic novels in the classroom, visual literacy, etc.

Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud. I bought this book a while ago, after I really got into the Sandman series by my future second husband Neil Gaiman.  It is apparently THE book on comic criticism. I have not read it yet.

SEK, of L,G&M fame, teaches comics in his composition classes and sometimes blogs about it.

"Writers Draw Visual Hooks: Children's Inquiry into Writing," Language Arts, Volume 89 Number 6, July 2012.  This article talks about visual literacy, the relationship and similarities between visual devices and written devices, and children's exploration of writing and reading through drawing.

"Understanding History through Visual Images in Historical Fiction," Language Arts, Volume 89 Number 6, July 2012.  Not yet read. 

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