Wednesday, July 11, 2012


A couple days ago, I created a Google form to collect information about jobs to share with my students (next year and in the future), and I sent it out into the void on Google+ and to friends via email, asking people to:
Please share a bit about your job/occupation/vocation.  So often, the only possibilities students know about are doctor, lawyer, mechanic, nurse, etc. So many more possibilities exist, but so often we only know about our own field or industry.  This form is intended to crowd source a list of possibilities for students.
So far, forty people have responded, many of whom I do not know, many of whom wrote really lovely descriptions of what they do.  (There is even a lay missionary! How cool is that!)  I am so touched for some reason.  Whether it is just seeing this collection of people talking about they things they care enough about to do each day, or whether it's the fact that they took the time to provide this information for kids they don't know, I'm not sure.  Probably both.  In any case, it's wonderful.

Thank you to all who have responded and will respond.

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