Sunday, December 11, 2011

A space to keep inspiring things . . .

A thirdspace?
A cupboard for mismatched china?

We should devote ourselves humbly but perseveringly to our profession in all its aspects: scientific formation, ethical rectitude, respect for others, coherence, a capacity to live with and learn from what is different, and an ability to relate to others without letting our illhumor or our antipathy get in the way of our balanced judgment of the facts. - Paolo Freire, Pedagogy of Freedom

The planet is set up for
Wild things, not money and reputations, not desks
And questions, but the obliterating intelligence of
Pure play. - Aram Saroyan
No matter how much someone may irritate me, I have no right to puff myself up with my own selfimportance so as to declare that person to be absolutely incompetent, assuming a posture of disdain from my own position of false superiority. - Paolo Freire, Pedagogy of Freedom
"[W]e cannot think of ethical questions in regard to elephants, for example" - Paolo Freire, Pedagogy of Freedom

While Homo sapiens were emerging from the basic life-support structure, intervening creatively in the world, they invented language to be able to give a name to things that resulted from its intervention, "grasping" intellectuality and being able to communicate what had been "grasped." It was becoming simultaneously clear that human existence is, in fact, a radical and profound tension between good and evil, between dignity and indignity, between decency and indecency, between the beauty and the ugliness of the world. In other words, it was becoming clear that it is impossible to humanly exist without assuming the right and the duty to opt, to decide, to struggle, to be political. All of which brings us back again to the preeminence of education experience and to its eminently ethical character, which in its turn leads us to the radical nature of "hope." In other words, though I know that things can get worse, I also know that I am able to intervene to improve them. - Paolo Freire, Pedagogy of Freedom

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