Saturday, October 29, 2011

Falling apart . . .

A WEATHER blog (WEATHER... weather!) reports on government wrongdoing when traditional media turns a blind eye:
Published on October 25, 2011 8:30 pm PT
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( - This is not usually something TWS reports on but no other 'media' outlet will. During the Occupy Oakland march tonight (Tuesday), ABC News in the Bay area shut cameras off on the ground and in the sky the moment police attacked.

They said the chopper needed
to refuel and will be back, but we all know this was not correct. A coincidence that both CBS and ABC choppers needed to refuel at the time police started attacking?

There was a camera on the ground for a full minute showing exploding canisters, people screaming, and gas being covered everywhere and that was shut off shortly after.

This is the constitution, protests are allowed by it. For CBS and ABC to shut the cameras off during the time police violated the rights of the American people is journalism at the worst, in fact not even close to the integrity a real media outlet should bring.

Choppers are back in the air now as the march goes on.

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