Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Time

Well, May and June passed in a whirlwind of getting married, honeymooning, and starting school.  I'll write about the two big things once I have some time to correlate all the lovely pictures and all the lovely memories.  Here we are in July, though, and I've been thinking about you and about how lovely the summer is.

After getting back from Italy, I had about two weeks before school started.  I spent it reconnecting, lazing, swimming, and falling back into the pace of normal life.

The weekend after Phil returned to work, we met up with D&N and Skylan to check out the underground market and then, kimchi in hand,  headed to Four Barrel for some much needed American Coffee.  Espresso is delicious, Americanos are not.  Nowhere in Italy can you get brewed coffee, especially not delicious Four Barrel!

I did quite a bit of gardening the rest of the week - which meant I got to hang out with Nori quite a bit for nursery trips and things!!  I planted tomatoes, eggplant, anaheim peppers, taragon, basil (sadly, only one of the three basil plants survived), strawberries, pansies, lobelia, oregano, thyme, society garlic, and a sweet pea.  I also spruced up the rest of my little potted paradise, and everyone seemed to be happy with the tune up and the warm weather!

Buddy got his own kitty grass.  He goes out every morning and evening for a little salad, sometimes--bastard--with a side dish of pansy.

I also got some serious girl time in: Summer and Sarah and I spent a couple of nights in Discovery Bay (see dance party, left), and Nori and Khai and I hung out with their beautiful boys.  Auntie Nessa got some goooood baby time in--and some good lady time (at awesome Skates' on the Bay happy hour - I hadn't been there since Junior Prom night!).

There have been lots of other catchings-up since then, as well.  A wedding takes a lot out of you.  It's nice to get back into the normal rhythm and flow of life and family and friends.

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