Thursday, November 11, 2010

Another Beginning, or, Are you sure this mirror isn't warped?, or, The Return of She-Hulk

One of the things I will say about my wedding dress is that it is a biiiit form-fitting.  And one of the things I will say about myself is that a have gained a biiiit of weight in the past couple of years. 

My first year as a lawyer and my first year as a lawyer apostate were stressful, ain't no denyin', and when I'm stressed and depressed, I eat too much, and I skip the gym, and I make a giant sprawling mess of papers all over the house. 

Which, you know, happened.

But, god damn, now I have this totally fantastic excuse to start getting back into shape.  I mean, what motivation!  And whether this is realistic or not, I declare right now, that I will use the wedding as motivation, BUT I will not make myself crazy or return to a life of body dismorphia.  I ain't gonna let that shit eff with ma mahnd, yo.

So that's the first part of the plan.  The second has me eating small amounts of good things and exercising.  I've been doing it on my own for a while with medium results.  But I realized recently that my first fitting will be in March, and I don't want to have to pay for a whole bunch of alterations in those last two months leading up to the main event.  Which means, I gotta get things moooving.

So, today, I enlisted a professional.  My first session with a personal trainer was this morning, and I'm tired.  But weights are fun, and the fact that my body can't do the things it could do two years ago (um, hi Balance and Coordination, remember me?) is even better motivation to really work hard at this.

I can't wait to be totally RIPPED!  And in the meantime, since it's fall and all, who wants to go play football in the park?

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