Thursday, September 2, 2010

There is Good.

Listen to Sgt. Baker.  Girl knows what she's talking about.
A non-exhaustive list of good things* includes, in no particular order:
New iphone
Taking pictures on said device
Finding delightful things around the house to photograph with hipsta!matic! effects!

bike rides with my baby
stretchy kitties
sweating a LAWT cuz yer running so! hard!
late summer tomaters
things ripening right outside my back door
making decisions (being able to make decisions)
tart frozen yogurt
anticipating a weekend with my parents in Disco Bay
swimming pools
knowing that people you love are happy
Quadrivial Quandry
country music
lots of other things.  Really.

I'll be volunteering in a middle school very soon.  My first job: talking about being a lawyer.  Hmm . . .

*not capitalized because I'm not Martha.  Hard to believe i know

Addendum to the above list: inconsistent capitalization

1 comment:

  1. I love the hipstamatic. It gives the appearance that everything is GOOD. I love that you are running and growing tomatoes and biking and not being Martha. Middle school was weird.